Philanthropy &
Giving Back

Philanthropy and social impact are embedded in our culture as a company - we strive to engage thoughtfully with the many stakeholders who contribute to our success - investors, borrowers, brokers, colleagues and the communities where we work and invest.

Giving back is core to our values, and through both financial support and active engagement, we focus on enabling our colleagues to help make a difference in our communities. This includes both financial support as well as active participation and engagement.

As a diverse group, we focus our efforts on a range of organizations, leading the charge on critical issues from rare cancer research to key skills- building for underserved NYC youth.

Representative Charitable Organizations

In addition to philanthropy, our community engagement strategy includes leading industry organizations that enable us to give back and contribute to the success of the industry that we value and rely upon.

Key Industry Partners

Sustainability is embedded in our company culture. We actively promote  everyday acts throughout our business operations to support our environment and community. For example, we discourage the use of plastic water bottles, in favor of filtered water and reusable containers and seek to operate on a paperless basis where possible.